Five Great Resources to Help You Learn SEO

Five Great Resources to Help You Learn SEO

SEO can seem difficult to get your head round as a beginner, with lots of technical terms and jargon and seemingly endless ranking factors affecting your site’s search engine rankings.

According to digital marketing experts Liquid Bubble: “Many people find themselves falling into SEO almost by accident, and having to learn the basics from scratch, which can be overwhelming, to say the least.

“However, SEO sometimes gets built up to be a bit of a dark art, when In actual fact, it’s a lot easier to learn than you might think.”

There’s also a lot of conflicting information and advice out there, but there are a few really helpful resources out there which will benefit anyone starting out in the world of SEO, whether for an agency, or in-house for your own company.


One of the first places you should head if you’re looking to master SEO is Moz. They produce marketing software, but more importantly, have a great community of over a million digital marketers around the world, where you can ask any SEO questions you have and get answers from experts around the world!

They also post loads of great educational content on their blog, as well as their regular Whiteboard Friday videos hosted by their wonderfully named co-founder Rand Fishkin.

If there’s one piece of content on their site that every SEO should read though, it’s their thorough Beginner’s Guide to SEO.

You can also sign up for a Pro membership, but there’s plenty of great free information to get through!

Search Engine Journal

SEJ is one of the leading SEO blogs on the web and has been around since 2003, founded by industry expert Loren Baker.

Over the years they’ve built up a real archive of some of the best SEO tips on the internet, covering everything from technical SEO to PPC and content marketing to social media.

They’ve also got you covered with all of the latest news from the ever-changing world of SEO.

For all of the stuff that you read online about SEO, it can be hard to see how some of the theory gets put into practice.

One of the best ways to see some specific examples is to browse some of the industry forums, with Webmaster World being one of the oldest (which you can probably tell from the site’s design!).

Its users discuss all kinds of topics covering marketing and web development and it’s good to see some actual examples. Unfortunately, you have to pay to contribute but it’s useful to browse anyway.

Google’s Guidelines

While SEO is about more than just doing exactly as Google says, it’s definitely a good idea to be familiar with their guidelines on what will get your site to rank.

Google’s exact ranking factors will remain a mystery, but it’s good to know what their official position is on things that you should and shouldn’t be doing.

Search Engine Land

Founded by one of the industry’s best-known experts, Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land is another leading publication for all things SEO, bringing you the very latest developments and trends from the industry.

With great contacts in the world of SEO, Danny and his team provide a constant stream of breaking news and insightful posts.

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